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How To Check Whether A Blog Is Dofollow Or Nofollow Without A Third Party's Help?

Written By avinash on Thursday, September 29, 2011 | 7:47 PM

What is a Do follow blog?

A blog which allows the search engine to follow the link. Such a blog is known as Do follow blog.Search engine websites like Google,Yahoo follow your blog and checks for your backlinks to increase your rank.Many blogs use link building process so their ranks get boosted up.If you use link building process for your blog you may get many visitors thus search engines will improve your rank and traffic.if you comment on a  dofollow blog then the search engine spiders will crawl on your link,thus improving your blogs rank.

What is a No follow blog?

A blog which doesn't allow the search engine spiders to crawl on the links.Such a blog is known as No follow blog. If you comment on a No follow blog then the search engine spiders wont identify your link and there will be no improvement in your rank nor in your traffic. When you comment on a no follow blog automatically a No follow attribute will be added. Now experts have now started removing No follow attribute to valuable comments and are now adding Do follow attribute.

Here are few steps that I suggest to check whether a blog is do follow or no follow without anyone's help

If you are a GOOGLE CHROME user then follow these steps.

1) Open Google Chrome
2)Type the blogs URL which you want to check in the search bar at the top and press enter.
3)Open a post and press CNTRL+U and view the source code of the page.
4)After the source code page opens press CNTRL+F
5)A search bar will appear in the right corner of the page, click on the search bar and type no follow.

NOTE: If the no follow attribute appears in the commenting section then the blog is no follow if it doesn't appear then it is do follow.

If you are an INTERNET EXPLORER user then follow these steps.

1)Open Internet Explorer.
2)Type the blogs URL which you want to check in the search bar at the top and press enter.
3)Right click at the page and click on View-----> source.
4)A source code window will open.
5)Press CNTRL+F.
6)Type no follow in the source code page.

If you are a FIREFOX user then follow these steps.

1)Open Firefox.
2)Type the blogs URL which you want to check in the search bar at the top and press enter.
3)Open any post.
4)Go to the menu bar and click on View--->source
5)After the source code page opens press CNTRL+F
6)A search bar at the bottom of the page will get opened and in that type no follow and search in source code page.

Hope the above information is useful to all  users.You are free to throw your queries and comments at the bottom.


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