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Healthy Infos

E-Cigarettes - A best Alternative

Written By Vignesh Shekar on Wednesday, June 15, 2011 | 2:19 PM

        Electronic Cigarettes, a healthier alternative for smoking. Looking the same as a normal cigarettes, it also emits curlicues of white smoke that is emitted by a usual cigarette. Electronic cigarettes are attracting the attention mainly in US, China and elsewhere. They are used already in several pubs in UK.

This kind of cigarettes involve no burning, and they also say it does not contain any hazardous cancer causing chemicals. It also doesn’t emit any dangerous gases produced by a normal cigarettes such as carbon-monoxide.

Ruyan which means as like smoking has introduced electronic cigarettes first in the world. It contains nicotine diluents. Nicotine diluent’s, a tobacco extract can be taken in by the humans. It also contains some perfumery and food additives along with the nicotine diluents.

By using e-cigarettes, people can quit smoking with no pain in certain time limit. Many different colors and various sized e-cigarettes are available. It is very light weighted and has an elaborate quality. Also it is very smooth to touch.

At present, it is the best way to quit smoking in a painless manner. This electronic cigarette can be used in any place such as restaurant, train, pubs and any public place. No ban can be placed against this e-cigarette.

Earlier in September 2008, the World Health Organization questioned in what way is it helpful to quit smoking. Then it was stated that the nicotine is highly addictive and it gives the smokers a “feel good” condition when it reaches the brain. Thus the smokers feel it a pleasure. It is most welcomed therefore.
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A Tool in MS Excel

Written By Vignesh on Sunday, June 5, 2011 | 1:21 PM

Hello Readers,
I 've got Some interesting Information about Microsoft Excel. I hope in most of the PC's, almost Everybody would have worked in Microsoft Excel. but there are many information which people might not know about Excel. There are lots and lots of information about Excel and people may not be aware of it.

Excel has its own features which the other softwares don't have. You can do what ever you want in Excel using Formulas. There are many formulas with which even many MNCs Exists. All their datas are being calculated, recorded and maintained in Excel.
One of the powerful software is Excel.

Here iam going to ask you a question and check whether you can answer for that question. Put your best Efforts and find the answer. If you can't Get the answer you need not check anywhere. Iam giving you the answer also, but not here!!! some where below the question. Now immediately don't Scroll down and see the answer.

Your Question is here:
In Excel you might have come across the words "CELL", "ROW", "COLUMN" etc. As many of you know that there were 65000 rows and 256 Columns in Microsoft Excel2003.
As Shown Below:

In Microsoft Excel 2007 we have many rows and columns than that of 03. The total no. of Rows are 1048576 and total no. of columns are 16384.

The Question is:
The total no. of rows are easily visible and its directly shown in Excel workbook.

In the similar Lines how to view the no. Of Rows in Numbers. Usually it displays only in Alphabets only. like A,B,C,.... UPTO XFD. Its difficult to Count each and every Row. So to know how many Rows are there we need a numerical display alike Columns. How to change these Alphabets to Numbers?

Lets See how to Bring Nos. instead of Alphabets. Its very Simple but many people may not know.

Go to Excel options by clicking the Office Button.

You will see an inner window showing Excel options.
In that click on the formulas tab which is situated towards left in that window.
In that formulas tab You will find an option called R1C1reference Style. (shown below)

It will not be enabled by default. now tick that R1C1 Reference Style and you are done.

After Doing this your Excel Sheet will be as shown below.

Learn many more like this in my next article...
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