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How To Check Whether A Blog Is Dofollow Or Nofollow Without A Third Party's Help?

Written By avinash on Thursday, September 29, 2011 | 7:47 PM

What is a Do follow blog?

A blog which allows the search engine to follow the link. Such a blog is known as Do follow blog.Search engine websites like Google,Yahoo follow your blog and checks for your backlinks to increase your rank.Many blogs use link building process so their ranks get boosted up.If you use link building process for your blog you may get many visitors thus search engines will improve your rank and traffic.if you comment on a  dofollow blog then the search engine spiders will crawl on your link,thus improving your blogs rank.

What is a No follow blog?

A blog which doesn't allow the search engine spiders to crawl on the links.Such a blog is known as No follow blog. If you comment on a No follow blog then the search engine spiders wont identify your link and there will be no improvement in your rank nor in your traffic. When you comment on a no follow blog automatically a No follow attribute will be added. Now experts have now started removing No follow attribute to valuable comments and are now adding Do follow attribute.

Here are few steps that I suggest to check whether a blog is do follow or no follow without anyone's help

If you are a GOOGLE CHROME user then follow these steps.

1) Open Google Chrome
2)Type the blogs URL which you want to check in the search bar at the top and press enter.
3)Open a post and press CNTRL+U and view the source code of the page.
4)After the source code page opens press CNTRL+F
5)A search bar will appear in the right corner of the page, click on the search bar and type no follow.

NOTE: If the no follow attribute appears in the commenting section then the blog is no follow if it doesn't appear then it is do follow.

If you are an INTERNET EXPLORER user then follow these steps.

1)Open Internet Explorer.
2)Type the blogs URL which you want to check in the search bar at the top and press enter.
3)Right click at the page and click on View-----> source.
4)A source code window will open.
5)Press CNTRL+F.
6)Type no follow in the source code page.

If you are a FIREFOX user then follow these steps.

1)Open Firefox.
2)Type the blogs URL which you want to check in the search bar at the top and press enter.
3)Open any post.
4)Go to the menu bar and click on View--->source
5)After the source code page opens press CNTRL+F
6)A search bar at the bottom of the page will get opened and in that type no follow and search in source code page.

Hope the above information is useful to all  users.You are free to throw your queries and comments at the bottom.

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Why You Shouldn't Sell Text Links On Your Blog?

Written By avinash on Wednesday, September 28, 2011 | 2:58 PM

When a blog becomes popular and has a good traffic rank naturally that blog gets trustable Adsense earnings.People will naturally start to think about the ways to earn money with the traffic and thier PR to thier Websites and Blogs and will start to sell their trade links.
But this can also end up in tragedy.A text link or hyperlink is a reference which connects the reader directly to the website which he clicked and which was linked. To determine the popularity of a blog,Google will check for the blogs links.If there are more links of your blog naturally Google will increase your rank and will give you more credit.


There are number of blogs and websites throughout the Internet,and many reputed blogs will have many links.But to increase the page rank a blog people are giving money to these reputed blogs and asking them to include their blogs link also.It has become a business now.Google doesn't like this as can largely affect the search result in an unnatural manner.To ensure that the search result is relevant to the question the websites use a lot of technology in it.

If a blog has poor quality and little relevance but if it buys a lot of links the search rankings will show that blog.If Google finds you selling links then your blogs page rank will be taken away and your blog will lose all the search rankings. There you are against the Terms and Conditions of Google and you will be penalized. Your blog will also lose its traffic ranks.So you should not get influenced by others and sell your links.

No follow links are links which is included in a webpage using html.It is an attribute that tells the search engines that, the link should not affect the page rank of the blog.

Its not bad if you sell 'NO FOLLOW LINKS' to other blogs but most buyers will not be interested in buying it.

Hope the above information was useful and I am sure that everyone got an idea about this.Any comments or questions can be dropped below freely.
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Top 10 Ways To Get Readers To A New Blog:

Written By avinash on Sunday, September 25, 2011 | 10:21 PM

Getting Readers to our blog is a crucial part of marketing of blogs. To draw their attention, we need to do the following. Here are some easy 10 steps to bring traffic to your blog. 

1. Write Quality contents:                                                                                                           

          A blog or a website its valued by its articles.The article should not be copied from any websites but you can utilize the content to makeup your Blog. Writing Quality contents will also add a point on gaining readers and subscribers. Mostly your pages should pass Copyscape. Check your content's Genuineness from Copyscape by copy pasting the link of your Blog / articles.

2. Submit your Blog to Search Engines:                                          

          Search Engines are one of the powerful tool.You should list your blog in any famous websites.This will help your blog to get more visitors and hence improves your rank.There are already two links below. You can use these links  to list your blog.

Click here to add your blog to Google | Click here to add your blog to Bing 

3. Get a Feed burner to your Blog:                                                                      

            The first thing that you should do when you create a blog is to get a Feed burner for your blog.The Google Feed burner offers you more and don't worry its very easy to get it. A Feed burner will help to optimize your blog for sharing the contents. It automatically feeds the links that you post to your blog.
                                  Feedburner Connect | Twitterfeed Connect

4. Comment on Related Blogs:                                                                                                

             Go to others blog and spend your time to learn from their articles. After reading it give your comments and do not spam it.If you spam it then the comment will get deleted.Commenting on related blog helps you to get more readers and visitors.

5. Leave your link:                                                                                                                      

            Where ever you find feasible, Just leave your blogs link with your valuable comments. Mostly try to give your blogs link to blogs which are similar to your blog.This will help you to attract the visitors visiting the other blog.

6. Use social media:                                                                                                                   

          Use social networking website.Create a page for your blog in these websites. Submit your articles in websites like Diggtwitterfacebookdelicious, etc. Also by using social networking website you can get new visitors visiting your blog frequently. Keep posting your link in social medias so as to show to people that you 've written articles.

7. Reference Other Blogs:                                                                                                          

             Keep in touch with some good blogs. Give the other blogs link in your blog.You can write about the blog from which you are utilizing the content. If you are keeping in touch with the other blog and following it then the other blog will surely write about yours in his blog. This goes on and on. Everything becomes mutual here.

8. Join and submit your Blog Directories :                                                                              

               Blog Directories are websites which provides the list of Blogs in the net, classifying according to their categories. They would help you to increase your page views and links. I would be covering an article about where to list your blog in near future.
9. Tell your friends online or offline:                                                                                        

           Always tell your friends to follow your blog. Keep updating them.If your blog has a page in any social networking website and even you have friends in that website and ask them to give like your blogs page. This can also increase your page visitors. The fact is you need not ask your friends to give like on any social networking, If you like quality articles, the like goes higher all time. But initially you can do this.

10. Leave your blog link at the end of all your Emails :                                                         

              When you get a forwarded email then don't forget to give your blogs URL at the bottom.After giving it forward it to your friends and now when people see the message then they will also see your blogs URL.By doing this  your blog will have more back links and it travels on and on and on in mails.

Hope the information given above is useful. If you find it easier to follow this article please spend five seconds to share it with your friends and relatives. Any information/ Clarifications/ thoughts/ suggestions can be communicated to us right royally.
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How to Share Your Posts automatically in Facebook & Twitter

Written By Vignesh Shekar on Saturday, September 24, 2011 | 3:05 PM

Here is a simple way to share your blog post on facebook and twitter Automatically:

Won't it we boring every time to login to your Facebook and Twitter a/cs to share your blog posts often when u update?

I've got a solution to share your posts automatically to Facebook and Twitter a/cs.

1. Go to website and sign up. It’s free.
2. Once you have signed up for an account, add your feed name and your rss feed url.
    For this you must have your RSS feed compulsorily. Don't have your RSS feed? Click here to create one exclusively for you.
3. Connect your facebook and twitter account on twitterfeed by clicking on the available services on twitterfeed website. Configure your publishing services by logging with your facebook a/c and Twitter a/c
4. Click “All done” and you are done with it.

Twitterfeed is a good website and important tools which is used to linkup and share your blog post to facebook and twitter. It automatically checks for the new posts in your linked blogs / websites for every half an hour. Once it finds any changes like new posts, it will be shared automatically to your Facebook and Twitter a/cs. This is very simple and powerful strategy.

You know why it is important to have this kind of arrangement?
Blog posts and articles in websites gets life only when it is read by people and only if it is useful. This will help to expose ur blogs and increase your public views. By doing so, there are chances of increasing the no. of people visiting regularly. The back links will also increases. It is also one of the promotion strategy. Yesterday i shared about alexa ranking which is also a kind of strategy which increases page visits by people.

I hope you have learnt something from this article. If you think this article is good and useful, please take 5 seconds to share this with your friends and other people. Do visit regularly for some more interesting Posts.'

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How Far You are Familiar with Alexa Ranking?

Written By Vignesh Shekar on Friday, September 23, 2011 | 10:57 PM

Alexa has been around for 14 years checking and ranking the traffic levels for every site online.Alexa is also one of the tool where people use to check their rankings and the craziest way of improving ranks for their blogs and websites is With the rankings of Alexa. Many people compare the quality of website only by Alexa Ranking. Is it not important for you to check your alexa ranking? Click here to check your Rank. It is most important for those who write blogs for passion and for a goal to improve their Rankings.That's all interesting and it's fun to check out the top 10 sites online or the top 100 in your country but why is it important to have a high Alexa Rank and what can you do to improve your blogs Alexa rank ?

              The major advantage of a high Alexa rank comes into vision only when you look to sell some ad spots on your blog. Ad Networks and Advertisers take Alexa rank as their base to recognize your Blogs or websites. Even if you don't currently sell direct Advertising on your Blog you will more than likely want in the future so working on improving your rank now will be of great benefit. People aspires to earn money online should have a website or blog prima facie. That website can be linked to other websites for getting an opportunity to write articles based on the quality articles provided in their blogs / Websites. Along with this, those clients who offers articles to the free lancer requires the free lancer to have a blog that has alexa ranking. The requirment of alexa Ranking differs from one client to another client. But basically what they require is a Alexa Ranking. 

How To Increase Your Alexa Rank?

When i was searching for some Topic for articles to be posted in my blog, I got to know about this alexa Article in one of the other famous website. According to them, one of the easiest and quickest way to increase your alexa ranking is to install the Alexa Tool Bar.

How To Install The Alexa Toolbar?

Alexa Toolbar helps you to count instantly the pageviews and rankings. There are Chances that nobody visits your blog more than you, during the initial stage of making up of your blog. Once you install the toolbar all those visits that you make often will be ranked on Alexa.The toolbar is quiet compact and on the Chrome browser you wouldn't even know it's there.Once installed it's actually quiet interesting to have an instant ranking on every site you visit - Get the Alexa Toolbar here.

Make Your Blog Your Homepage

Once you install the tool bar, ensure you get more hits by making your blog/ Website as your browser's Homepage. Every time you visit/ open your Browser, the hits for the visits of your Blog instantly increases. So, Make sure you do that.

Write A Post About Alexa

By writing a post about Alexa you may convince some of your regular readers to install the toolbar.Now when they visit your blog it's helping your blogs rank. Also, try getting reviewed for your blog by others in their blog. This will also increases the Page rank and your overall rank. I have got some websites that brings blogger together and helps them to write reviews between them and increases the PR. 

Let me Discuss about those websites held for writing reviews in my next article. Till then keep visiting my Blog. Thanks for reading this article patiently. If you think this article is good please spend 5 seconds to share it with your friends. Any suggestions with regard to anything is most appreciated.
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