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How will I automatically bookmark my blogs post in Delicious?

Written By avinash on Friday, November 25, 2011 | 4:21 PM

Bookmarking your blogs post will help you to get more visitors and traffic.Bookmark your blogs post in social bookmarking websites like Delicious etc.This in return will help to amend your blogs rank.Delicious is a social bookmarking website where you can store,save your blogs post.People who are in the social bookmarking website will see your bookmarks and tweets and there are chances to get more visitors to your blog.You can automatically bookmark your blogs post in delicious via twitter.

You can use Feedburners or Twitterfeed auto tweet to bookmark your blogs post.You can tweet your blogs post in twitter and they will      automatically bookmark it in Delicious.

NOTE: They wont bookmark your conversation with your Mom,friends etc as they will accept bookmark tweets with links.

You can go to and sign in there with your twitter account and you should grant the permission needed and they will check after your tweets frequently and will bookmark it in delicious.So after a few hours your tweet will be automatically bookmarked in Delicious.

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Free Social Bookmarking said... Best Blogger Tips

You have described it very well. Now a day, I feel that, No need to go to out because Internet showing me a more information to read. Today I have got a new information from your blog..

Admin said... Best Blogger Tips

@Free Social Bookmarking that is what we are looking for. I assure you all my writeups in my blog will surely make you learn something. This blog is for sharing and Learning. so lets do that..

vignesh raj.n said... Best Blogger Tips

hello.. huh.. people told me that adding your blog in delicious will be the first step in seo .. i was searching various blogs for a tip on that.. your's seems handy .. thank ya..

graham goch said... Best Blogger Tips

The 1st basic truth you need to grasp to find out SEO is that search engines aren't humans. While this might be obvious for everyone, the variations between how humans and search engines read net pages aren't. Unlike humans, search engines are text-driven. Although technology advances rapidly, search engines are so much from intelligent creatures which will feel the sweetness of a cool style or enjoy the sounds and movement in movies. Instead, search engines crawl the Web, trying at specific site things (mainly text) to induce an idea what a site is concerning.

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JeLBee said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for the tip.. very helpful

Health Tips said... Best Blogger Tips

very Informative..

Vignesh Shekar said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks to all:)

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