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Google Is Now Using Social Media Websites,Site Speeds To Amend Your Blogs Rank

Written By avinash on Saturday, November 26, 2011 | 6:04 PM

Google started the Page rank system,based on links in the web to give related results to the users.There were many Page rank system before Google,but Google's Page rank system gave better and relevant results to the users.Google checks for more than 200 elements to give an amend and relevant searches to the users. A couple of elements are Social media and Site speed.

Social Media
Google has started to use Social media websites like Facebook and Twitter in ranking your Page or Blog.
Google checks for your tweets and also your bookmarks in Delicious.Since Facebook did not allow Google to get its data,Google has started its own Social network,the GOOGLE+.The +1 button in your blog also influences your rank.

Site Speed

Google is now checking for the Site Speed of your blog.The speed of which your blog loads is an important element in ranking your blog.If your blog is fast in loading, it means there are more visitors landing in your blog.The Site Speed report will tell you the speed of your blog.You can go to your account and click on the content section to view the Speed Site report.There are three tabs in itExplorer, Performance, & Map Overlay.Explorer will give you the load time of the page.Performance will give you the site speed.Map overlay will give you the site speed experienced by people in different countries who are visiting your blog.

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