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Donation - A Legendary Action.

Written By Vignesh on Sunday, December 7, 2008 | 12:28 PM

Hello there,
Its a nice thing to Donate somebody for their Career, which makes them improve because of your part of Donation. If u do so, your are doing a Great Job. Great People only can do. Are you one of them? If so i am very gratuitous for that. Many People Have Money but they don't wish to donate. But people who has skill to do doesn't have money to come out as flying colors. Only few people has Both money and the broad mind of contributing others. If you are one of them, think of yourselves about your status in Life.

I am Gonna to tell you something useful for those who wants to make donation. Its very Easy to Donate others. Espeically for the website owners and Blog owners. Usually they will have donate button( alike in this website ) in their website who are in deficit funds. If u have paypal a/c. u can donate them easily.

You can follow these steps to donate if you have your own paypal a/c:

Just click on the donate button. You can see the page as shown below.

It will take you to the paypal donation page.If u have balance in your Paypal a/c, you can enter the amount that your gonna donate, and hit Update total. Then,Just enter your login Informations and click log in. Then it will show all ur details regarding the amount that you are gonna donate, ur payment method, Mailing address, Contact information. It is seen as shown Below.

After reviewing everything hit on Donate now.
Then your are done. You can see a message you have successfully Donated.

Follow these steps if you don't know abt paypal and don't have a/c. in paypal:
Paypal, a neutral website for the people who pays money and who gets paid. It allows any of the people to pay in their own specified way such as, by using credit cards, Debit cards, Visa card, Master cards, Bank accounts, etc. Its one of the Easiest and convenient way to pay or be paid. It is one of the secure way of paying others and get paid. So you can create a free account which this paypal offers everybody.

If you want to donate through paypal you should compulsorily have a paypal a/c.
After creating an account in paypal you need balance in your paypal account to donate others or to make other activities like paying others, purchase online etc.

To get balance to your paypal account you need to link your credit card or debit card or Master cards or Visa card. You can see the option of Link with your credit / Debit card option in your home page of paypal a/c. If you don't have the option of linking any of your cards, you can verywell link it with your bank account. It will ask for your bank details. when you fill all those details your are done. Don't ever get confused of your personal details being let out to others.Paypal doen't allow to any body. No body can take your account details. Not only account details no body can take any of your paypal details. Its that much Secure.

By doing that you can transfer your credit card balance or Debit card Balance to your paypal a/c. After doing that you get the balance shown in your homepage of paypal a/c.

Then comeback to my homepage and click the donate button. Now follow the steps already mentioned. See this heading already mentioned :You can follow these steps to donate if you have your own paypal a/c:" on the top of this post.

If you like this post pl do follow my website and get updated. Do ask me if u have any doubts on this.


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