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Why You Shouldn't Sell Text Links On Your Blog?

Written By avinash on Wednesday, September 28, 2011 | 2:58 PM

When a blog becomes popular and has a good traffic rank naturally that blog gets trustable Adsense earnings.People will naturally start to think about the ways to earn money with the traffic and thier PR to thier Websites and Blogs and will start to sell their trade links.
But this can also end up in tragedy.A text link or hyperlink is a reference which connects the reader directly to the website which he clicked and which was linked. To determine the popularity of a blog,Google will check for the blogs links.If there are more links of your blog naturally Google will increase your rank and will give you more credit.


There are number of blogs and websites throughout the Internet,and many reputed blogs will have many links.But to increase the page rank a blog people are giving money to these reputed blogs and asking them to include their blogs link also.It has become a business now.Google doesn't like this as can largely affect the search result in an unnatural manner.To ensure that the search result is relevant to the question the websites use a lot of technology in it.

If a blog has poor quality and little relevance but if it buys a lot of links the search rankings will show that blog.If Google finds you selling links then your blogs page rank will be taken away and your blog will lose all the search rankings. There you are against the Terms and Conditions of Google and you will be penalized. Your blog will also lose its traffic ranks.So you should not get influenced by others and sell your links.

No follow links are links which is included in a webpage using html.It is an attribute that tells the search engines that, the link should not affect the page rank of the blog.

Its not bad if you sell 'NO FOLLOW LINKS' to other blogs but most buyers will not be interested in buying it.

Hope the above information was useful and I am sure that everyone got an idea about this.Any comments or questions can be dropped below freely.


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