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Top 10 Ways To Get Readers To A New Blog:

Written By avinash on Sunday, September 25, 2011 | 10:21 PM

Getting Readers to our blog is a crucial part of marketing of blogs. To draw their attention, we need to do the following. Here are some easy 10 steps to bring traffic to your blog. 

1. Write Quality contents:                                                                                                           

          A blog or a website its valued by its articles.The article should not be copied from any websites but you can utilize the content to makeup your Blog. Writing Quality contents will also add a point on gaining readers and subscribers. Mostly your pages should pass Copyscape. Check your content's Genuineness from Copyscape by copy pasting the link of your Blog / articles.

2. Submit your Blog to Search Engines:                                          

          Search Engines are one of the powerful tool.You should list your blog in any famous websites.This will help your blog to get more visitors and hence improves your rank.There are already two links below. You can use these links  to list your blog.

Click here to add your blog to Google | Click here to add your blog to Bing 

3. Get a Feed burner to your Blog:                                                                      

            The first thing that you should do when you create a blog is to get a Feed burner for your blog.The Google Feed burner offers you more and don't worry its very easy to get it. A Feed burner will help to optimize your blog for sharing the contents. It automatically feeds the links that you post to your blog.
                                  Feedburner Connect | Twitterfeed Connect

4. Comment on Related Blogs:                                                                                                

             Go to others blog and spend your time to learn from their articles. After reading it give your comments and do not spam it.If you spam it then the comment will get deleted.Commenting on related blog helps you to get more readers and visitors.

5. Leave your link:                                                                                                                      

            Where ever you find feasible, Just leave your blogs link with your valuable comments. Mostly try to give your blogs link to blogs which are similar to your blog.This will help you to attract the visitors visiting the other blog.

6. Use social media:                                                                                                                   

          Use social networking website.Create a page for your blog in these websites. Submit your articles in websites like Diggtwitterfacebookdelicious, etc. Also by using social networking website you can get new visitors visiting your blog frequently. Keep posting your link in social medias so as to show to people that you 've written articles.

7. Reference Other Blogs:                                                                                                          

             Keep in touch with some good blogs. Give the other blogs link in your blog.You can write about the blog from which you are utilizing the content. If you are keeping in touch with the other blog and following it then the other blog will surely write about yours in his blog. This goes on and on. Everything becomes mutual here.

8. Join and submit your Blog Directories :                                                                              

               Blog Directories are websites which provides the list of Blogs in the net, classifying according to their categories. They would help you to increase your page views and links. I would be covering an article about where to list your blog in near future.
9. Tell your friends online or offline:                                                                                        

           Always tell your friends to follow your blog. Keep updating them.If your blog has a page in any social networking website and even you have friends in that website and ask them to give like your blogs page. This can also increase your page visitors. The fact is you need not ask your friends to give like on any social networking, If you like quality articles, the like goes higher all time. But initially you can do this.

10. Leave your blog link at the end of all your Emails :                                                         

              When you get a forwarded email then don't forget to give your blogs URL at the bottom.After giving it forward it to your friends and now when people see the message then they will also see your blogs URL.By doing this  your blog will have more back links and it travels on and on and on in mails.

Hope the information given above is useful. If you find it easier to follow this article please spend five seconds to share it with your friends and relatives. Any information/ Clarifications/ thoughts/ suggestions can be communicated to us right royally.


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