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How to Share Your Posts automatically in Facebook & Twitter

Written By Vignesh Shekar on Saturday, September 24, 2011 | 3:05 PM

Here is a simple way to share your blog post on facebook and twitter Automatically:

Won't it we boring every time to login to your Facebook and Twitter a/cs to share your blog posts often when u update?

I've got a solution to share your posts automatically to Facebook and Twitter a/cs.

1. Go to website and sign up. It’s free.
2. Once you have signed up for an account, add your feed name and your rss feed url.
    For this you must have your RSS feed compulsorily. Don't have your RSS feed? Click here to create one exclusively for you.
3. Connect your facebook and twitter account on twitterfeed by clicking on the available services on twitterfeed website. Configure your publishing services by logging with your facebook a/c and Twitter a/c
4. Click “All done” and you are done with it.

Twitterfeed is a good website and important tools which is used to linkup and share your blog post to facebook and twitter. It automatically checks for the new posts in your linked blogs / websites for every half an hour. Once it finds any changes like new posts, it will be shared automatically to your Facebook and Twitter a/cs. This is very simple and powerful strategy.

You know why it is important to have this kind of arrangement?
Blog posts and articles in websites gets life only when it is read by people and only if it is useful. This will help to expose ur blogs and increase your public views. By doing so, there are chances of increasing the no. of people visiting regularly. The back links will also increases. It is also one of the promotion strategy. Yesterday i shared about alexa ranking which is also a kind of strategy which increases page visits by people.

I hope you have learnt something from this article. If you think this article is good and useful, please take 5 seconds to share this with your friends and other people. Do visit regularly for some more interesting Posts.'


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facebook is awesome!!

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@ messi Thnx for sharing

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It is helping me....

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