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How Far You are Familiar with Alexa Ranking?

Written By Vignesh Shekar on Friday, September 23, 2011 | 10:57 PM

Alexa has been around for 14 years checking and ranking the traffic levels for every site online.Alexa is also one of the tool where people use to check their rankings and the craziest way of improving ranks for their blogs and websites is With the rankings of Alexa. Many people compare the quality of website only by Alexa Ranking. Is it not important for you to check your alexa ranking? Click here to check your Rank. It is most important for those who write blogs for passion and for a goal to improve their Rankings.That's all interesting and it's fun to check out the top 10 sites online or the top 100 in your country but why is it important to have a high Alexa Rank and what can you do to improve your blogs Alexa rank ?

              The major advantage of a high Alexa rank comes into vision only when you look to sell some ad spots on your blog. Ad Networks and Advertisers take Alexa rank as their base to recognize your Blogs or websites. Even if you don't currently sell direct Advertising on your Blog you will more than likely want in the future so working on improving your rank now will be of great benefit. People aspires to earn money online should have a website or blog prima facie. That website can be linked to other websites for getting an opportunity to write articles based on the quality articles provided in their blogs / Websites. Along with this, those clients who offers articles to the free lancer requires the free lancer to have a blog that has alexa ranking. The requirment of alexa Ranking differs from one client to another client. But basically what they require is a Alexa Ranking. 

How To Increase Your Alexa Rank?

When i was searching for some Topic for articles to be posted in my blog, I got to know about this alexa Article in one of the other famous website. According to them, one of the easiest and quickest way to increase your alexa ranking is to install the Alexa Tool Bar.

How To Install The Alexa Toolbar?

Alexa Toolbar helps you to count instantly the pageviews and rankings. There are Chances that nobody visits your blog more than you, during the initial stage of making up of your blog. Once you install the toolbar all those visits that you make often will be ranked on Alexa.The toolbar is quiet compact and on the Chrome browser you wouldn't even know it's there.Once installed it's actually quiet interesting to have an instant ranking on every site you visit - Get the Alexa Toolbar here.

Make Your Blog Your Homepage

Once you install the tool bar, ensure you get more hits by making your blog/ Website as your browser's Homepage. Every time you visit/ open your Browser, the hits for the visits of your Blog instantly increases. So, Make sure you do that.

Write A Post About Alexa

By writing a post about Alexa you may convince some of your regular readers to install the toolbar.Now when they visit your blog it's helping your blogs rank. Also, try getting reviewed for your blog by others in their blog. This will also increases the Page rank and your overall rank. I have got some websites that brings blogger together and helps them to write reviews between them and increases the PR. 

Let me Discuss about those websites held for writing reviews in my next article. Till then keep visiting my Blog. Thanks for reading this article patiently. If you think this article is good please spend 5 seconds to share it with your friends. Any suggestions with regard to anything is most appreciated.


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