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How to create a favicon for your blog?

Written By avinash on Saturday, October 1, 2011 | 12:37 AM

A favicon also known as favorite icon is a small icon which appears in the navigation bar.The icon has a 32 x 32 or 16 x16 pixels.A favicon has .ico extension. But this appears only for certain blogs and websites.This favicon icon on the navigation bar won't change the blogs traffic by a huge margin but it will surely improve your blogs appearance. having a favicon icon for your blog will enable readers to bookmark your blog easily.

Here are few steps that I suggest for creating a favicon icon on the navigation bar for your blog or website.


Adobe photoshop cannot edit any .ico extension so you have to install a Windows Icon Photoshop Plugin.Once you have installed the Windows icon Photoshop create a 64 x 64 pixel canvas and design a favicon.After designing it you need to resize the image.Go to Image Size--->resample image.This ensures that the image doesn't blur. Now save it as a 16 x 16 image and give the name as "favicon.ico"

There is also an alternate way of creating a favicon icon that is by using Ms paint and web tools

2)Using  Ms paint and web tools and uploading favicon.ico file:

Since favicons are not very big files you can use MS PAINT to create a favicon.Create a JPEG image with 32 x 32 pixels with paint and convert the image into favicon.ico file by using "FAVICON FORM PICS"  in the internet service.Once you have converted the file you have to upload it in now your blog.upload it in the root directory of your blogs.The root directory is a directory where the index file is uploaded.

There are other simple ways to add a Favicon to your blogs. Just Go to this website and create a favicon for your blog. If you Cannot create one for yours there are so many existing favicon which u can use it for your blogs. just download the picture in the ico format and do the following

NOTE:The favicon file will work only if you upload it properly in the root directory.

The last step is just you have to add <link rel="shortcut icon" href="/favicon.ico" type="image/x-icon" /> in the header tag.

If you are undone, u can just go to Layout Tab. You will find favicon gadget and there will be an option called edit. click it and upload the image that you created or downloaded and then save it. 

Just go to your browser and check for the New favicon icon. 

Hope the above information is useful.Any comments,suggestions or queries is most appreciated. You can leave your comments below. please take 5 seconds to share this post with your friends and families if you like this post.


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