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My solution to RECESSION

Written By Vignesh on Tuesday, June 23, 2009 | 1:12 PM

Again this post is all about economics. True economic interested people try to go till the bottom of this post. Here I come with a solution for the current economic problem. I first assume that all reading this post know the current economic condition. For the one who does not know, here it is

Now the world economy is facing a problem called RECESSION. What is this RECESSION? Might be your next question, I will say you. No economy in this world is static, means every economy is growing. Of course growth rate differs from economy to economy, to make very simply, growth rate differs from country to country according to their policy and political moves.

We must also know one thing that is; no country in the world is self sufficient. We always depend on others for some reasons are for other. Reasons may be anything, food, clothing, defense, etc. but we depend.

Now I suppose you learnt what recession is. Recession may occur to own country, are to all the countries in the world, are to major economic players. If one single nation faces this recession, major economies can join together to bring the nation out, are the nation by itself by formulating its own economic policies can come out of recession.

What will happen if all the countries in this world get affected because of this economic shut down, in other words known as recession? This is the real situation in this world now. No economy is growing at a required rate.
The growth rate is negative are in decimal points. Really problematic. You may ask what if all the nations grow slowly? What if a child who is 10 yrs old has the brain of 1 yr old kid? Problems right? That is what will happen if the countries grow slow.

Here I have a solution to this recession. This recession is because there is no money in the hands of business men and people who want to invest money in some assets. Then where is all the money? It’s with banks and other financial institutions.

I would suggest banks to lend money to promising business men at a low rate of interest, so that, they will eagerly get money, develop their business, give employment and circulate money in the hands of needed.
As the interest rates are low, the business people will show more interest in expansion of business and with that expansion and all upgrading stuff, they will earn profits, out of which they will be bound to pay the interest and amount borrowed.

Simple is it not? Yeah it is. Now what we need to do is circulate money, spend. With an simple example, if A is a person who is earning 1000$ and if he had been saving 100$ all these days, he must start saving 50$ and start spending all the amount.
in other words cut down your saving to half, spend all the money circulate money, make money available in the hands of all, and problem is solved. You may question me, what if the business men are not able to make profit? There are chances for heavy loss. However , a promising business man who has really good projects with him wont fail. How to find if he is capable business man? Very simple, all these days banks where giving loans, just after getting and having a over view on the projects submitted by business persons. From now on start scrutinizing the projects with almost care and give loans.

Thus my solution to this problem is spend, spend, spend. Circulate money. Make money available to all than having it yourself without any outcome.


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