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college capitation and economy are inter related

Written By Vignesh on Friday, July 3, 2009 | 1:13 PM

This is one of the hot and happening topics in most of the places in India. Mainly this topic has a lot to do with a state named Tamil Nadu in India. Ok, don’t try too hard folks am here to tell it. It’s all about college capitation, in other words donation, in legal words illegal collection money from the students for their admission.

This topic has a greater economic importance. Yeah I understand, now you people must have started thinking why i always bringing in economics for everything? Will make it clear, finance is the life line of everything. Without money there is nothing in this world, and for every lay man money is an exhaustible resource. We people try to make choice with the money what we have in hand, and making choice is what is economics. So indirectly economics rules this world. Like it or not.

Coming back to the topic, why are these parents very much curious about their children’s education? I don’t mean to say that parents must not be curious, but why is that you people are spending as much as 20 lakh rupees for your son or daughters education. Most of the parents reply that mark they scored is not enough to join in a good engineering college. In that case why your making your child join in a good college?

You may say many reasons, am not concerned about all that, my point here is very different and again its economy related one. If a man can pay 20 lakhs for this son are daughter as donation, that too without getting bills form the institution then am sure the 20 lakhs paid by him is not a taxed money, in other terms black money.

Here I would like to clear one thing black money is not the money which is black in color, the money which is not taxed is otherwise called black money. Fine, if one parent is able to pay 20 lakh for their son’s admission, and then just imagine the amount of money which he has, also just imagine how many fathers are there these ways to make payments.

You know what; they are indirectly bringing the educational standard of the country to a lower level. This type of admissions leaves a simple mark on the students mind, pay money get anything what you need. This is not the way a student must grow. This is not a healthy sign for a growing nation.
On the other day two of my friends were speaking,
Friend1: my college is charging Rs. 16 lakhs for admission
Friend2: my college is charging Rs. 20 lakhs for management seats.
Is this way to impart education? Hell!!! In NETHERLANDS education is provided at free of cost, am not asking the government to give it at free of cost, at least it must try to curtail all this donations which decides the seat of students.

Government alone cannot handle this problem, students and parents must open their eyes to see their mistakes, and they must come out of the vicious circle of money makes everything. Money is very important I do agree but money is not everything.

If you people can stand united to say no capitation, then let’s see how colleges charge this capitation. You must also understand one thing all this money is yours, hard earned, don’t dump all them in the hands of money launderers.

All J.P.R institutions get money to admit students, this is an open secret, what did the government do for this? Nothing, they won’t do anything because he would have filled the pockets of government officials too..
How is all this happening? Because of parents like you!!! Wake up; don’t take the country to wrong path. Education must be made as a right, like right to speech. Never give your money to idiots like this. They will either provide your child a good education nor will pay tax and give government a good income to serve people. So, friends, let’s stop this from today. Let not make INDIA, as MONDIA. Let not money come in front and lead us. Let us lead the money. Don’t let papers rule.


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