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English its Importance & Developing Tips !!

Written By avinash on Wednesday, August 3, 2011 | 10:36 PM

In this competitive world English is a main language and is compulsory to learn. Today all the big companies, Why all the companies? the world is looking for persons whose spoken English is very strong rather his qualifications. At least for this reason we must be able to learn and Converse English with ease. Today in most of the countries English is must.But learning English in a non English country is always difficult. Here I suggest few of the best ways to improve the command over your language.

1)Go to the nearest library and lend books there. Read the books that you lend,reading books will help you to develop in your vocabulary.

2)Make use of the Internet you have.Internet has all the resources.If you want any word's meaning then surf the net and you will surely get the meanings.This will help you in learning the meanings of the new words that you come across.

3)You can go to the nearest CD shop and buy good English movies.Watching good English movies will improve your speaking skills and understand the language.Of course U can very well download it from Internet. For that you should know what are the new films coming up!! Be updated those things also. Get to know these things also by Googling it.

4)Always speak only in English with the people you interact.Speaking with people in English can gain you confidence and can also improve your speaking skills.

5)You can surf the net for English courses and join these courses.These courses will help you to learn English bit faster.

6)If someone corrects you then accept your mistake and learn it and don't repeat it.Try to gather as many materials as you can like CD , books, magazine etc.

7)You can watch English news. By doing this you can get updated with the day to day activities that is happening around you and you can also learn new words, and also read the English news paper. English news paper supports a lot for people learning English. you can find many Jargons and learn those jargons. 

8) In olden days people have to have a dictionary with them to know / learn some new words and their meanings. But today we have blessed with technology where people carry their dictionary softwares with them in their mobile phones. Android technology phones supports these kinda softwares. You can get it from Android Markets for free.

9)Take a dictionary and look up at least five new words daily and also know the meanings of the word. This can improve your writing skills.Make up your mind to learn at least 5 New English Words a day.
10)Go in front of a mirror and choose a topic and speak about it in your own words. This will gain you confidence which is one of the main aspects to improve your English. This will also enhance your speaking skill.

All these ways will lead you to successful Improvisation of your English Language. you can lead anybody once you are done with all above points. People are born mad. No body knows anything and everything right from their child hood. Everything comes only by practice. Always Remember this: "Practice Makes Man Perfect"

As you so, So you Reap; So efforts that you put in decides your output. Hope you would like this article. What are you waiting for?? Subscribe us by registering your mail id. Let Us know If you have any queries ??


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Hey venkat here,
Nice article:) thnkx for the post. Its very useful one.. what u've mentioned is absolutely right.. people should follow all these to gain control over English:) Nice article buddy

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