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Written By Vignesh Shekar on Saturday, July 16, 2011 | 5:46 PM

Know About GOOGLE +:                   Article Contribution - Avinash Kumar
                   Do you all know that there is new social networking website called GOOGLE+? Obviously Every one should know!! Great! Still you are not Aware of it??? Read this on. .

Google yet again tries to challenge the Facebook domination. Google has created a network called Google Plus like Facebook and Orkut. But you can’t join this unless and until you get an invite from your friends who are in Google Plus. If you are already in another social networking website then you must have known already the way in which G+ works.

There have been question marks about your privacy if you are in a social networking websites but Google removes it. Creating groups is available in goggle plus and these are called as circles. If you want to show content only to your friends you can do it. So the privacy problem is solved. There is a, +1 button here where you can approve your contacts post it’s just like the ‘like’ button in Facebook.

It’s too boring to search for your friends or for your family’s posts. So Google has created a thing called streams. It’s just like categories where you will have friends, family, acquaintances, following under that.
Google will soon create apps for Google plus in android. The application will include circles, streams, multimedia and sparks .It is expected that Google plus will soon create some games which won’t be boring.

You can see a button on the left side called more in your welcome page. If you click that you can see, Google reader. It lets you subscribe to your favourite websites so new content comes to you when it's posted. It’s like a magazine that you can design.
Google sites- here you can create your own website for free. No html required. There is customisable look and feel, and there are settings for accessing and sharing information.
So there are advantages and it is also new and innovative in its don’t forget to ask your friends to send you an invite. Join Google Plus and enjoy!!

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