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A Global Economic MELTDOWN

Written By Vignesh on Tuesday, November 25, 2008 | 12:13 PM

A global economic meltdown-IT's biggest problem

A global economic meltdown has taken its way in the sectors of Information Technology and Banking. With the Pink slip being given to all the employees the IT is in great trouble. With the great fall in IT all the it has a cascading effect in all sectors.

With this rumors of Pink slip should an employee get out and find a new job are wait till he gets a layoff? This is the biggest doubt in the minds of employees in IT sector. Every one is now listening to the stories of layoff and forced resignation

One IT company has sacked 1000 of its employees during its annual appraisal.some one say more than 400 jobs have been lost in the past two months.A fine morning if am employee enters his office he is not sure completing his working hours.Two options which the company gives now a days is get out are we will send you out.

Even some of the employees are going early to the office to show as if they are working hard for the company so that he can prevent his job.Its more wise to marry some one in another profession than marrying a techie.Money which earned may be there but the jobs they feel.Every small time they get, they talk about lay off are forced resignation.

Its no more a cakewalk for the students of IT.The lucky once who get into the best institutions in the country dose not seam to have a big problems, but those who are in second are third rated institutions are now a days in a hectic trouble. "The companies are still coming for campus interviews", is just to maintain their brand image and nothing else. The number of candidates being selected has gone down.

Banking sector which were giving fun trips has stopped their credits.Even the companies have stopped their foreign trips are holding them back." Those who were spending Rs.200,000 for holiday is now spending not even Rs.50,000" says shrimathy of the World Travel Club.

Most of the IT employees are a part of equal monthly installments. The problem here is weather they will be in a position to pay their monthly installments if they wont what will be their condition??? Those who were spending a lot,have cut down their expense to a greater level.

Since the global economic meltdown has started, both IT and banking is suffering a lot. With this level of recession in economy,will take much time to recover as it already existed.The worse part of it, is for the students who had taken the course of computer science in second and third rated institutions and universities.Being knowledgeable person does not fetch any job,because of
the cascading effect of "GLOBAL ECONOMIC MELTDOWN..."

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